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iCloud Music Library and Flashlight not working


If you also have more than one device with iOS (I have both the iPhone and the iPad), and you want to use Apple Music in both, you have to activate the music library in iCloud. This will allow you to have all your songs and playlists synced in the Music application on iOS. But unfortunately there are many people who have trouble with this. Turn off Icloud music library

To synchronize, you must first enter the general properties of mobile (instead of looking for solutions within the Music application). There, among the configuration options, you have to choose Music and activate the iCloud music library. As I mentioned earlier, in many cases there is an error that it is not possible to do so. restore ipad and iphone

So far there is no single solution to this problem. But there are some tricks that sometimes work.

Connect to iCloud

The problem may lie in the fact that you have not logged in to iCloud for a long time. Try connecting to your account via iPhone, iPad, or iPod preferences. If so, your device will prompt you for your password.

Activate the Genius (Genius) in the Music application Try to activate the Genius option in the Music application. You can do it through the general preferences. In my case this trick worked. I had to accept the rules and after a while I can activate the iCloud library on all my devices.


Turn off WiFi

This solution does not always work. Try to turn off WiFi and use the GSM connection. It is clear that this trick can not be tested with iPads that have only WiFi and iPods touch available.

If none of these solutions helps you, enter your mobile preferences and try connecting again to your iCloud account. You can force it by clicking on the account, so the system will ask you again for your password. Then you can try again the different tricks mentioned above.


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If you just upgraded to iOS 8.4 and Apple Music and are now getting an error stating "Cloud Music Library can not be activated", you are not alone. I have it too, and that's how I fixed it ... at least for now! iphone flashlight not working


My guess is that Apple servers crashed and iTunes is getting some occasional bugs. Thus, patience and persistence wins. This is what I did and how I got iCloud Music Library to work.

Note: iCloud Music Library appears to be the new name for iTunes Match and / or similar features listed as part of Apple, Music.

How to enable iCloud Music library on your iPhone and iPad

Launch settings from the Home screen. 
Touch Music (note, the icon has changed color). 
Toggle iCloud Music library to On. 
Choose whether to replace or Merge your library. (I finally chose to combine it when it worked). 
If you receive the error again, dismiss it. 
Repeat steps 3-4 until it works. Turn on Apple tv without remote