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Xbox Game Pass and PS Now


The Xbox One and the PS4 betrayed us . When they appeared, more than three years ago, they did it with the promise of revolutionizing a segment anchored in the traditional model of videogame distribution. If you wanted a game, they told us, you would not have to buy it in a box. The downloads were the real revolution. Not its powerful hardware, its designs or its renewed catalogs. No. The transformation was what Steam had raised in the PC world, and what we expected in the world of consoles. That never happened. Microsoft had to backtrack after a heinous communication in which he confused everyone with everything , while Sony surrendered to the traditional model despite having promised us something very different with Gaikai . Of downloads (almost) nothing, ended up saying both companies. The box would still be key for the Xbox One and the PS4 . Lost opportunity The opportunity posed by both companies was amazing and certainly seemed to come at the right time. The broadband connections of many users favored that migration to a download model that would make the role of the optical disc finally no longer relevant. Best gaming laptops under £1000 list is in this article


In fact EA Access was the great architect that the two great rivals of the market ended up realizing that something had to change . In a way they had already made their efforts, of course. Microsoft has for years with a system that allows subscribers of Xbox LIVE Gold to enjoy two new titles each month for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360, and the operation is identical to that of EA Access, although the games are not so eye-catching Sony on the other hand reinforced its PlayStation Network with PlayStation Plus - which also offered free games every month - and especially with PS Now, a surprising service for the ability to offer video game streaming on several models of their consoles . Also check this in-depth guide about best gaming laptops in uk. if you are a pro gamer and want a gaming desk then check out this best gaming desk review in uk.


The problem, of course, is that the users (and the stores, which would end up breathing quietly ) saw this as a threat to many of the advantages offered by the traditional model, and, among them, to the sale of second-hand games . Microsoft restricted that type of option , and although Sony opened the door to resale, in both cases it was clear that users wanted to be able to access that option when they got tired of their games. you can also go use an xbox steering wheel and cheap gaming monitor with console gaming setup. 


That ended up condemning the dream, and when the consoles finally went on sale at the end of 2013 they did it maintaining a model that could have been very different. In both cases the online game was reinforced - with a small stab in the back of Sony to its users - but with a reality that was very different from the one that had been raised by both Sony months before - especially ambitious with Gaikai and the game in the cloud - like Microsoft, which would reinforce its great Xbox LIVE with more features , but with that bittersweet feeling that the thing could have gone further .


Much more. EA shows the way while Sony and Microsoft sleep Subscription models took years triumphing in the market when Electronic Arts has pulled off its EA Access one July 29, 2014 . The arrival of such an option to the world of consoles was surprising, but it was so much for the person in charge of the announcement as for the fact that none of the big ones had done it before.