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PlayStation Now prepares streaming


Sony has not received much praise for its PlayStation Now service , especially when we learned that Microsoft is about to launch on promising Xbox Game Pass . The subscription service for the Xbox One left behind Sony's PlayStation Now, which among other things offered only the catalog of the PS3. Now that limitation will be solved with the availability of streaming PS4 games for both the PS4 and Windows-based PCs. Best affordable gaming laptops under 1000 and pc's in uk 2020.


The offer will be available in the coming weeks, but will continue to distinguish Xbox Game Pass in that the latter allows download games, while PlayStation Now will continue to offer titles in streaming. PlayStation Now prepares to compete with Xbox Game Pass The new iteration of the service will be available in a preliminary form for a group of lucky users that will be able to evaluate their behavior in a private beta . From there Sony will correct potential problems for the global launch. To date PlayStation Now has a catalog of 483 games of the PS3 , but that offer will be much greater thanks to the availability of the titles of the PS4.These are the Best cheap gaming laptops uk and pc's in 2018.


We have fantastic examples like ' Halo 5 Guardians ', ' Mad Max ', ' Fable III ', ' Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ', but there will be other equally striking examples that will surely respond to the tastes of many users. It may not be the latest versions -'NBA2K16 'appeared a year and a half ago , for example-but that will not prevent its users from enjoying them. Also, check out these cheap gaming chairs and best gaming monitors with these gaming desks


We will have to see how the PS4 games behave in streaming , especially considering that the graphic quality will impose a greater use of the bandwidth and performance of the servers that Sony launched for this interesting proposal. The proposals to strengthen the online platform for Xbox games continue to grow, and this is certainly a blow to the table by Microsoft, which has presented this platform and is now available to members of the Xbox Insider program and will be available for all users "this spring".


Comparisons with subscription services such as Netflix are inevitable, and although the catalog is obviously much more limited, it is also true that the time one dedicates to a video game is usually much greater than the time devoted to a series (depends on the number of seasons , of course) or a movie. In the end, the important thing is this: one has a flat rate to play all the games in that catalog .


It is evident that in this offer there will be many AAA titles that will not be available during the post-launch periods, but they will reach the service (and disappearing from it, the offer will gradually change), thus configuring a catalog without having "the latest" of the latest "if you will enjoy many more or less recent titles.